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Available Goldfield Districts

There are 10 Goldfield District Maps covering 125 Victorian Goldfields,

A map is also available that provides links to Historic Geological Maps.

Access to the maps is by way of an annual subscription, except for the Ballarat Goldfield District map which is freely available.

Click on the map below to view the Goldfield Districts in more detail and information on the goldfields.

Link to Available Gold District Maps

The following maps are available with a subscription. Click on the map to view a Youtube video which will provide more details on the features of each map.

Here is the link to the Ballarat District Goldfield . It gives you an opportunity to see how the maps work and the information that is include in each map.

Link to Ballarat Map

See under Instructions for how to use the maps on a PC or mobile phone.<

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Victorian Online Gold Maps is an easy to use mapping package to help
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It can be used on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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